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We have original aroma materials production lines, for organic synthesis, natural oil refining and coordinating;
Professional perfumer team and experienced application engineers to create better fragrance;
Working by our heart and soul. Established in 2012, Guangzhou Lenocus Flavors & Fragrances Company is specialized in creating and developing aroma materials, essential oils and scents. We have original aroma materials production lines, for organic synthesis, natural oil refining and coordinating. Like lignaloe oil, grapefruit oil, citronella oil, sandalwood oil, valerine oil with oriental characteristics, are pure natural, magic quality and stable supplying.

In industry filed, a team of experienced and passionate perfumers devote their hearts and bodies to create superior scents for fine fragrances and beauty, laundry powder, detergent, candle, cosmetics, air freshener, incense, floor cleanser, shampoo, bath gel, essential oil, tissue paper, plastic industry and so on. With special aroma materials advantage, our scents has its unique feature and competitive price. Meantime experienced and professional application engineers serve for you and help you to solve the technical problems. We create the soul of your product. Taking the way to distinctive and brilliant.

In home field, Public air fragrance oil and plant oil aromatherapy are booming plates in our company, productions are widely used in homes, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, brand shops, KTV, night clubs, bars, gyms, office buildings and so on.
Using humidifier, aromatherapy machine, diffuser, fan machine, and fireless rattan as carriers, bring the scent experience to the public people.

We insist on steady rise, take the product quality as the basis, take the market and clients as the orientation. We hope for you, our honorable clients, we are not only suppliers, but strategic partner.